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1. How much do the services of BARRISTERS lawyers cost and what is the procedure payment?

The cost of BARRISTERS lawyers' services depends on the type of legal matter the assistance provided, the complexity of the case and the volume of assignments for a lawyer

The exact cost of services can be formed by a lawyer after obtaining detailed information on a legal issue.

We usually work on an advance payment basis. In addition, for the agreement may establish payment after rendering of services. We also offer comprehensive legal services on a permanent basis basis

2. How to sign up for a consultation?

We work by appointment. For this you need:

  1. briefly report the problem you need to solve;
  2. contact the offices by telephone or e-mail association;
  3. Your contact will be transferred to a lawyer with the appropriate specialization, who will contact you to clarify information and agree terms of cooperation.

3. Do we conduct internships/university practice for students?

BARRISTERS willingly cooperates with educational institutions and joins student initiatives. We signed a number of memoranda, according to the terms which BARRISTERS serves as a basis for university practice: ours lawyers share their experience with young legal scholars and show them the practical side of jurisprudence. Talented students who wish to join the BARRISTERS team can also send your resume to our email address, noting about the desire for internship or part-time employment. IN if there are vacancies - the resume will be considered, what about you notified!

4. Is it possible to complete an internship with our lawyers to obtain certificates of the right to practice as a lawyer?

So. We have lawyers who have the right to be managers internship Please call or contact our office email address to agree details.

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