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Relations with clients of the Barristers Law Society protected by attorney secrecy and legal guarantees performing advocacy activities in accordance with Articles 22 and 23 Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy and Advocacy".

Lawyer's secret is any information that has become known to a lawyer, a lawyer's assistant, a lawyer's trainee, a person who is in an employment relationship with a lawyer, about a client, as well as issues from which the client (a person who was refused a contract the contract on the provision of legal assistance provided for by this Law reasons) turned to a lawyer, a lawyer's office, a lawyer's office association, content of advice, consultations, explanations of the lawyer, documents prepared by him, information stored on electronic devices carriers, and other documents and information received by the lawyer during implementation of advocacy activities.

Professional rights, honor and dignity of a lawyer are guaranteed and are protected by the Constitution of Ukraine, this Law and others laws, in particular:

  1. any interference and obstacles to implementation are prohibited advocacy activities;
  2. it is forbidden to demand from a lawyer, his assistant, an intern, a person who is in labor relations with a lawyer, law firm, bar association, as well as from a person, in respect of which the right to study has been terminated or suspended advocacy, providing information that is advocacy a secret These persons cannot be questioned on these issues, unless the person who entrusted the relevant information, exempted these persons from the obligation to keep secrets in order, provided by law.

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